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Male, 28, Cheshire.

Taking my first steps in asking for help was challenging for me, as it can be for many. I was suffering with stress, anxiety and overthinking which was having a negative impact on my relationships, my work, my sleep, and although I knew that I wanted to improve my mental health, admitting that it was an issue in the first place and asking for help was difficult. Having made what then seemed like a huge decision and contacting Alison, I instantly knew I had made the right choice. I felt at ease through our first few sessions, in a comfortable environment, despite addressing some quite uncomfortable issues. Over the week's we addressed the issues I was experiencing, dissecting the source, understanding why they made me feel the way I did and devising a strategy to overcome each aspect that I struggled with.

My friends, family and work colleagues noticed a visible change, despite many of them not knowing of my troubles, and now I am left feeling in control, at ease and much happier in general thanks to the process.

What seemed like such a hard decision to ask for help at first, is now a no brainer. I would not hesitate to contact Alison again should I need any further help in the future and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is struggling.

Female, 35, Cheshire.

I don't know where I would be if I didn't have those sessions because they didn't just help me though the problems that I went knowing about but it also brought to attention things that I had struggled with earlier in my life and helped me to resolve them. It helped me to analyse situations that I was in, how to adapt and understand mine and other people's views and emotions.


Female, 16, Cheshire.

I had never undertaken any form of counselling before and was unsure what to expect but Alison immediately put me at ease.

She gave me tools to help me deal with a particular anxiety I was experiencing but after finishing the course of counselling I felt more confident in general and feel I have learnt to have a more positive outlook on lots of aspects of life. I would definitely recommend Alison to anyone thinking of counselling.

Female, 24, Cheshire.

I have been promoted at work, I don't feel I would ever have got to this place if it wasn''t for you.

I will feel forever grateful for how much you helped me.



Female, 30, Cheshire.

Last year I had a terrible time with anxiety, at first I didn’t know what it was however I knew it didn’t feel like me. I seen Alison not long after I was diagnosed with the anxiety. Alison was great, very patient and understanding. Her knowledge and counselling skills are fantastic. She helped me resolve so many issues I didn’t realise I had buried deep down inside me at the time that made me very angry, nervous and resulted into my anxiety. Alison gave me helpful tools to use from week to week to recover from my anxiety and she also helped me overcome my OCD. I seen Alison for 4 months and would highly recommend her to anyone, in fact I have passed her number on to a friend already. Alison is friendly and very professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her for further counselling if I felt like I ever needed it again. I can’t thank Alison enough for what she has helped me with, she has made me feel more confident, no longer angry and let go of all the things that were holding me down. I feel my happy self again. Thank you Alison.

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