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In A Hurry?

Are you the type of person who wants things done yesterday? Once you decide something are you the type of person who wants a quick result?

Well, Brief Therapy offers the client exactly this! 

Similar to an intensive driving course, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, also Brief Psychodynamic Therapy condenses all of what a client requires to obtain a desired outcome. 

None of the quality of therapy is compromised, and rather than feeling that therapy will be drawn out and time consuming (which in our fast paced world can present difficulties) Brief Therapy simply delivers the same outcomes as traditional therapy, but in less time.

Therefore, if you have ever thought of partaking in counselling but felt that you can not commit to the time that you consider is needed, maybe think again, you could be surprised.


Brief therapy differs from other forms of therapy in that the therapist focuses on a specific problem and then uses direct intervention. In brief therapy, the therapist takes responsibility for working more pro-actively with the client in order to resolve issues faster. In addition it applies principles to define and understand the dynamics and problems that clients bring to the therapy session. The aim of this approach is to uncover the feelings or thoughts that interfere with a client's relationships, communication, and daily functioning.

To be effective, the therapist must work quickly to engage the client in the therapeutic process, uncovering defenses and gaining the trust of the client in a brief time. As the therapist forms an alliance that allows honest communication, both parties explore any relevant historical and current events that may prevent healthy functioning. (Donald K. Freedheim, PHD.)


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