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What to expect from Counselling.


People turn to counselling because they are feeling pain, this can include grieving (loss of person close to them, or loss of a way of life), trauma (which happened as an adult, or as a child) also debility, due to loss of control over their lives.

Together, we can identify the root cause of this situation, and agree on ways to resolve the current dilemma, allowing you to feel better about yourself and the world around you.


This can be achieved by viewing the various angles i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Physically, we can explore the changes that take place in the brain, (through neuroplasticity) when breaking old destructive thought habits and introducing new positive thought patterns. This results in creating new neural pathways, which allows the old to then disconnect, through no longer being in use. (If you don’t use it – you lose it!).

Mentally, we can introduce mantras to initiate the growth of these new neural pathways, allowing us to break the habit of returning to the previous way of thinking. (Repetition is the mother of all learning!).

Emotionally, we can connect to our feelings, paying attention to our instincts (gut feelings) and doing what ‘feels’ right, rather than what we ‘think’ is right, for ourselves. All to often people do what they think is best for other people, instead of ‘feeling’ what is best for themselves. This then results is a feeling of neglect of oneself.

Spiritually, we become aware of our inner strength, which we can learn to rely on to promote ‘self-care’, putting our needs first and foremost. This can be achieved either by meditating, or simply connecting to the space in between stimulus and our response (Mindfulness). We then use this space to decide on an outcome that is in our best interest, and then act upon this decision made.


To promote self-care is not selfish, it is a necessity. We must look after ourselves in the same way we look after others, although we must make this our priority to ensure our own wellbeing.


Above all there is hope and trust, in a brighter future, and in yourself, to do what is right for you, and achieve positive changes.


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