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Thank you for considering my services. Counselling and counsellor supervision is a relationship between people which requires mutual trust, openness and honesty. To establish this trust, it is important that we match. I would like to invite you for a preliminary talk so that I can introduce myself and discuss possible next steps.

This talk is free and without any obligation. 

Call me on  07718954827 07718954827 or use the contact form to set up an appointment or ask any additional questions.

A first appointment in supervision will identify if I am the correct supervisor for you.  I offer a supportive and empathic alliance allowing us both to learn and grow.

Areas of counselling I can explore with client's:    




The BACP Ethical Framework defines clinical supervision as:

"A specialised form of mentoring provided for practitioners responsible for undertaking challenging work with people. Supervision is provided to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken."

Supervision offers you a reflective space in which to develop practice and so benefits client safety. All aspects of your practice should be open to supervision.

Counsellors will have different requirements in respect of how many hours supervision they require, therefor counsellores must take responsibility for their own supervision needs. You should have supervision at a frequency and duration that allows you to discuss all aspects of your work in all work contexts, when necessary, and enables you to develop a constructive supervisory relationship. You should also review your supervisory arrangements regularly. 


     When making a decision consider:

  •    The amount of counselling and psychotherapy work you undertake and the contexts or settings
  • The complexity of your work
  • Your experience and training
  • Your development needs and aims
  • Any specific issues and difficulties



You will have a contract with your supervisor to cover practical arrangements such as fees and the length and frequency of sessions. The supervisor's role and responsibility will be clearly discussed and included in the contract.



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